Here you can find a lot of answers about Sandra and Her new Album

What do we know about the new album "The wheel of time"?

Release date: 29 April 2002 (Germany)



1- Forgive Me (Cretu/Cretu) 4:22

2- Footprints (Filz-Schoenherz/Filz-Schoenherz) 3:42

3- Motivation (Inker/ Inker) 3:59

4- I close my eyes (Jonas/ Jonas-Cretu) 4:40

5- Pefect touch (Cassandra-Filz-Jedner/Filz) 3:41

6- Silent running ( Robertson-Rutherford/Robertson-Rutherford) 4:17

7-Such a shame (Hollis/Hollis) 4:16

8- Now! (Cretu-Gad/Cretu) 4:00

9- Free love (Gore/Gore) 4:13

10- Forever (Ries-Filz/Ries-Filz) 3:45

11- The Wheel of time (Cretu-Gad/Cretu-Gad) 4:70





Cover of " The wheel of time"


Produced by Michael Cretu and Jens Gad

Recorded and mastered at A.R.T. Studios Ibiza/Spain


The copyright in this recording is owned by Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co KG

(p) 2002 Virgin Schallplatten GmbH & Co KG

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Is there an other cover for this Album?


There was a first cover made for this album but this one was deleted. You can see it on your right.



Two singles are already out from this album?


Right! The first single "Forever" was released in October 2001.

1-radio edit (97 BPM) 3:44

2-Straight 4U-Radio Edit (125 BPM) 3:30

3-Beatnik club mix (138 BPM) 8:57

4-Straight 4 U-Remix (125 BPM) 5:41

Best chart position was 47 in Germany, not so bad for a comeback after 6 years.

The secound single "Such a shame"is out in Germany since 25 march 2002.

1. Such a shame (Radio edit)

2. Such a shame(Straight Dance Mix)

3. Such a shame (Cool Club Mix)

4. Such a shame (Karaoke Version)

Produced by Michael Cretu & Jens Gad

Music & Lyrics by Mark David Hollis

Recorded and mastered at A.R.T. Studios Ibiza/Spain

Photography: Dieter Eikelpoth

Virgin Schallplatten




"Forever" cover




"Such a shame" cover

What is talking "Forever" about ?

Love! This song is infact dedicated to Michael Cretu

her Husband.

"The way I sang and felt the song and how I thought about the lyrics,

is indeed something that concerns Michael and me.

´Forever together´

- why not? After 19 years it is surely my biggest wish to be with him forever.

It's just an emotional story."?

Did Sandra Made TV promotion for the Single "Forever"?


"courage" on ARD (2 october 2001),"interaktiv" on Viva (2 november 2001)."aids gala" on Sat 1 (2 december 2001). Some pictures here.


Sandra at the aids Gala ( november 2001)


Sandra in the show "courage" (October 2001)

Is there a video of "Forever"?


Yes, a very nice one.

about the video Sandra said :

"I sense it when the team is perfect, that something inspirates me and makes me fitting into it. I'm a perfectionist and to work on a videoclip is a lot of fun to me."

 "The end result is always amazing and new again for me. It's an unbelievable area of art and I love all my fresh videos."


click on the picture to see it

Why the album was delayed to 2002 (it was expected at the enf of 2001)?

The management told about "technical problems", but Sandra on Viva gave the true raison: Michael got sick and was out for 6 weeks.

Michael is now ok.

In a secound time the album was delayed to the end of April for artwork problems.





Witch style will have this new album?

Sandra like! with modern sounds and beat.

There will be some blues-like too. Some songs are near Enigma style.

We can hear some nostalgic sound of the 80th.

This album is very different from "Fading shades"-

sandra forever


Is Sandra would sing with other artists in this Album?


On this album male voices are done by Peter Ries. In the future she would like to made a duo album with Michael.

She would like to sing one day with Phil Collins.










How many cover versions are they in this new album?


Four! "Such a shame" by Talk Talk, "Free love" by Depeche mode, "Silent running" by Mike & the mecaniks and "Motivation". For Remember at this time Sandra made 3 cover versions : "Everlasting love" by Love Affair, "Hiroshima" by Wishfull thinking and "night in white satin" by Mody blues.

Explanations about this choice :

For " Free love": Sandra: "One night Michael asked me to come to the studio. He had just been listening to a great song - of Depeche Mode. ´You are kidding´ I said, ´I can´t cover a Depeche Mode song!´ - Yes, yes, you can do that - just come and listen." - An hour later SANDRA went to the studio. Michael had called Jens Gad in the meantime and told him to leave everything behind and join them in the studio. And then was recording! Two hours of work, two takes, and the song was fixed. 30 (!) hours later the Freelove coverversion was ready for the new album...Freelove was a challenge for Michael as producer, and his version sounds more bluesy than the original, like bar music. And that´s the way SANDRA interpreted the song. Moody bar music - in our opinion this term reflects best the atmosphere which the music on SANDRAs album creates.

For "Such a Shame" from Talk Talk:

Sandra: The 80´s were really terrific, not only because of my success as a singer. Listening to that song, I got to know Michael and we listened to it all day long. When we produced the album now, we decided that it has to be added to it. I love this song. That´s why it´s the 2nd single release.

 For "Silent Running" from "Mike and the Mechanics"

Sandra: When this song was played, we were moving to Ibiza. Somehow it fit: "Can you hear me running... " We actually almost ran, too (laughs).

Memories of the good old 80´s?

Is there is a vidéo for the single "Such a shame"?

At this time no, but we hope so...

Will there be a tour with this Album?

Sandra: It depends on the reactions of my fans. If the album sells well, of course I will go on tour.




Is Sandra satisfied with her management

She answered Yes (this questions because many fans are not really happy about the management of Crocodile music)








Witch song do Sandra prefer in this Album?

Let´s hear Sandra on her favourite song of the new album, I Close My Eyes: "Michael told me it´s me who . - I´ve read the text for I Close My Eyes just one time to avoid any slips of the tongue, and I knew the melody. One morning, somehwere around 4 o´clock, the moment had arrived. I joined Michael and Jens in the studio who at that time had been working on another song. They switched from mixing to recording, I took the microphone, and then we did exactly two takes, each without break. That was it! - I´ve never managed this before. - We left the second take behind and took the first one right away. Okay, there was one line I could have done even better, but if you start cutting pieces out and recording them again and again effects a loss of unity, mood and flair. It was just of a piece. - Honestly, I believe I Close My Eyes is the best song on this album, besides The Wheel Of Time."





Did Sandra style herself before appearance or let a visagist do the job?

Before she did it but now a visagist do it.

Why did Sandra leave for so long?

Simply because she got twins in 1995, two boys, they´re 6 years old now. And you probably can imagine how much work it was. And she took care of her children and now they´re going to school for 1 year, in 2nd class now, in an English school because she live in Spain. After many E mails and letters of her fans she decided for a comeback.










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